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  • Get Your Finances In Order

    • Credit report analysis and counseling
    • Credit and Budget Counseling
    • Improve Your FICO Score
    • How to Qualify for a Home Mortgage
  • Credit & Budget Counseling

    Professional Credit Counselors will:
    • Evaluate your current financial situation
    • Create a personalized workable budget
    • Strategies to get out of debt and save money
    • Analysis of credit report and counseling
  • Improve Your FICO Score

    Professional Credit Counselors will:
    • Review your specific situation
    • Determine your goals (home, car, loan etc)
    • Evaluate your credit report
    • Empower you and provide ways to improve your
      FICO score
  • Qualify for a Home Mortgage

    Professional Credit Counselors will:
    • Show you what lenders are looking for
    • Strengthen your ability to qualify
    • Review your credit report – don’t let bad credit keep
      you from a home
    • Develop a game plan to get lender approval

Credit is a Way of Life

Unfortunately, things happen that can destroy a person‘s credit report and score. Sometimes it is a result of economic conditions or mismanagement of money that creates debt and causes many to be over extended. Sometimes things don‘t go as we planned. Most people don’t know where to get help. We at Professional Credit Counselors (PCC) have programs available to help you restore your credit and finances. Do you have a bad credit report? Is your FICO score low? Have you been denied credit? Are you stressing over your budget? Do you owe more money than your income provides? Is your dream to own a home? If you answered yes to any of these questions, our counselors at PCC are here to help. In order to make your dreams a reality, you need to have a good credit report, FICO score, solid budget, and have your debt under control. By getting your finances in order, we can help you make your goals a reality.

What Makes Us Different

We are different than other credit counseling companies because our service includes an analysis of your current budget and credit report, as well as financial counseling to help you achieve your goals. In addition, PCC is founded by a nationally recognized credit expert and author. Deborah McNaughton has over 25 years of experience in the credit industry and has a desire to empower you to restore your credit and finances.


“When I decided to make a career change after 27 years of running a successful business, I reviewed many companies offering teaching materials and programs and I am so glad to have chosen the Credit and Financial Strategies Program. It offered an affordable, well laid out instructional material, self- teaching program (I loved this part since I am a very busy person), and access to reach a live person by phone or email when I had any questions. Everyone was so professional, nice and quick to respond to questions and to ship out the materials to me. I have already been able to help many people who are dealing with financial problems because of low credit scores, wrong information on their credit reports, and poor money choices in the past that have now caused them problems for their future. It is a great feeling to restore hope to someone who once came to you with a feeling of despair, shame and embarrassment. It is through the knowledge I learned with the Credit and Financial Strategies Program that I can have a great new career that I love, while at the same time feeling wonderful and blessed that I am part of helping others in establishing a strong and wisdom filled financial future.”
Lynda V.

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